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Although many people give back to their communities, many more don’t give back because they feel as though their lives are already too busy. If that sounds like your situation, you should know that you don’t need a great deal of time to contribute to a worthy cause. In fact, many opportunities allow you to contribute from your own home, such as those listed below.


United Nations Volunteers

The United Nations supports many different programs that work towards the betterment of human civilization throughout the world. They offer online volunteer opportunities that allow anyone to get involved in working towards this goal. The site is easy to use for anyone. Once you navigate towards the virtual volunteer hub, you can choose the type of online work you would like to do, and that will give you a list of open positions.



The VolunteerMatch website acts as a service that connects charitable organizations with volunteers who are eager to help. While the site doesn’t offer many online volunteer opportunities, it does feature an extensive volunteer from home section. Some of the nonprofits looking for help service arts and entertainment, healthcare, and human rights sectors. You can look for field that interests you to explore the volunteer from home opportunities.



If you’re a professional or skilled worker with some extra time, Catchafire is a great way to give back to those in need. All you need is an hour to spare. You’ll spend that time offering advice and insight based on your skills and knowledge. You may also find some online volunteer opportunities as a freelance professional through their site.


Translators without Borders

If you can fluently speak more than one language, you can also help others by offering translation services. In responding to humanitarian crises, emergency responders may not know the native language of the people in that area. In those situations, they need people to act as intermediaries to translate languages for them. This is a service you can provide from home via your internet connection.


If there’s a specific cause you feel passionate about, try conducting an online search to learn more about opportunities in those areas. Many more organizations offer virtual volunteer opportunities that allow people to devote a small amount of time to help the cause from their homes. This is a great way to give back when your time is limited.