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One day millions of people in Europe were going about their business. There was nothing they would say was extraordinary about their lives. They were spending their time going to work, taking care of their children or elderly parents, or going to school.

But they were wrong. Like Clark Kent, they put on their capes for the people of Ukraine without complaint. In fact, people started organizing with people in their neighborhood and others they would never meet to help people they did not know. They continue to do so without stopping and some to their peril by driving in needed necessities to those who cannot leave Ukraine. Others are providing news to those who can no longer get news. Still others are providing a way out and shelter.

Each action is the greatest example of philanthropy and community that could ever be offered. My hat is off to all of these unknown and unsung heroes.

If you want to help but live in the United States there are many legitimate charities you can donate resources to. But, how do you choose which one?

Find a charity that aligns with your interests. There are watchdog organizations that you can refer to so you make sure you are donating to a real charity. One such charity is Charity Watch.

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