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There are several ways you can get more involved in your community beyond donating money to an important cause. While donations are always appreciated, you can find that volunteering your time is a more enriching experience. As you work to help others have a better life, you’ll also get a good feeling in seeing the way you’re benefiting your community. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Clean Up Area Parks and Streets

Every city faces a litter problem to one degree or another. By organizing a cleanup project, you can beautify your city and help the local environment at the same time. All you need to get started is a good supply of trash bags, latex gloves, and gardening tools to make the cleanup easier. Once you have the supplies, you’ll find that the biggest challenge is to enlist enough volunteers. You can start raising interest in the cleanup by talking to your own neighbors, co-workers, and friends.


Provide Assistance to the Elderly

There are many ways you can help the elderly in your community, but one of the most appreciated ways is simply to visit them. You can spend time visiting the elderly in hospitals or nursing homes, or you can visit the elderly in your own neighborhood. As people their own age become ill and pass away, they find themselves losing social connections. Spending an afternoon visiting elderly individuals in your community will give them the socialization they need to maintain good cognitive health. Your visits will also improve their moods and help alleviate emotional health problems.


Look For Local Charitable Events

You can check social media and online bulletin boards to find local events in which you can participate. There may be food and clothing drives, charity runs, or festivals that donate proceeds to local charities. If you can’t find something that interests you, look for local charities that benefit causes that are important to you. They may need volunteers, or they may be interested in working with you to organize public events.


You can find many more ways to help others in your community as you go about your daily routine. Simply keep your eye open, and you’ll see ways in which the people in your community need your help. As you organize your own events to help others, you’ll have fun and meet new friends who share your empathy and philanthropic spirit.