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Volunteerism offers you a chance to impact those around you positively. Additionally, the very act of volunteering your time and skills to help others will benefit you in your own life. Here are a few ways that you’ll enrich your own life as you strive to improve the fortunes of others.

Enjoy a Healthier Life

Giving back to your community will benefit your health in a couple of ways. Physically, it will help you get out of the house and engage in physical activity. In addition to joining fundraising runs and walks, just the act of volunteering will compel you to lift boxes filled with donations, walk more frequently, and spend more time outdoors. Additionally, the act of giving back will help improve your self-confidence and emotional wellbeing. People who regularly engage in charitable works live longer and enjoy better physical and emotional health.

Network With Others

When you give back to your community, you’ll become involved in events that will include others in your community. This is a great way to network with people within your career field and those who can benefit your career. Additionally, you’ll meet others from a wide range of backgrounds, helping you to expand your network to include other fields of interest. As a result, you’ll develop long-lasting friendships with others who are just as interested in benefiting your community.

Gain Hard and Soft Career Skills

If your resume looks a little sparse, you can beef it up with the skills you develop through volunteer work. Many professionals get the experience they need by volunteering with charities within their communities. You can learn leadership skills, productivity skills, or hard skills that can help you work in a trade. As you gain confidence in using the new skills you’ll learn, you can add them to your resume and use them to pursue your career. This is also a way for people in their 30s and 40s to launch a career change when employers expect them to have more practical experience.

As you spend more time volunteering, you’ll experience these benefits to a greater degree. Additionally, you’ll find that your volunteer experiences will enrich your life in other ways. By helping other individuals or working to improve the community at large, you’ll be helping yourself to live a more fulfilling life.